What is the best way to select your condominium management service provider? Investing a reasonable amount of time/effort to find the right fit for your needs while you keep in mind that you are acting on behalf of your unit owners; They are not rich enough to buy cheap.

Is comparing/considering the information shared on websites adequate? Would you expect any service provider to share their weaknesses?

How can you minimize risk? Having a qualified, trained, motivated, and experienced team will help you navigate the rough waters.

We suggest that you ask YOUR trusted professionals in the condominium industry, (Lawyers, Auditors, Engineers, ....) to share their experience. First hand experiences from past board members and trusted professionals are priceless for minimizing risk.


Papak Management Services Inc.” is a full-service, boutique property management service provider in the GTA and surrounding areas. Providing a wide range of Professional Property Management Services to client condominium communities. Condominium Communities need an experienced, trusted, and motivated guide to help them navigate the (sometimes) challenging conditions through their journey.

Papak Management Services Inc.” brings the experience, knowledge, and skills required to evaluate multiple variables and take you to the destination safely, economically, and in full compliance with legislative requirements.

Emphasis on teamwork, discipline, training, and enjoying the experience will always provide the best possible results.

About Us

Papak Management Services Inc.” was founded on simple and basic principals such as service, trust, experience, transparency, mutual respect, and commitment. The commitment to customer service is a priority. We understand that clear communication is an important factor in providing first class service.

We believe in empowering clients by sharing information and enabling them to make informed decisions. Please see a list of useful links important websites.

The systemic/analytic approach to every situation, project, or issue enables our team to identify the most valid options to be offered for Board’s decision making process.

Our Mission

  • To provide proactive management services from the owner’s perspective taking the concept of property management to excellence.
  • At “Papak Management Services Inc.”, our goal is NOT meeting clients’ expectations. We aim at exceeding them!

Our Vision

  • If it is legal, ethical, and humanly possible, consider it done!
  • If there is room for improvement, let us know! Please and thank you!!
  • We realize there is a reason for having two ears and one mouth.


At “Papak Management Services Inc.” has adopted the values and standards established by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario – ACMO, which has been the leader in the industry for decades. The range of management services include:

  1. Financial Services:
    • Collection of monthly maintenance fees, (Common Element Assessment – CEA fees) and managing any arrears,
    • Invoices: Review, Confirm, Verify, process for Payment,
    • Preparing monthly un-audited financial statements,
    • Preparation of proposed annual budgets and forecasting,
    • Payroll process for condominium corporation’s employees,
    • Management of condominium corporation’s bank accounts,
  2. Legislative Compliance:
    • Ensure full compliance with the Condominium Act of Ontario and the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015,
    • Maintain records and submit the required reports to the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) in due time,
    • Ensure compliance with mandates and guidelines of the Fire Code, Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), Occupational Health and Safety, WSIB, and other relevant legislation.
  3. Building Management Services:
    • Ensuring residents’ health, safety, quality of life, and security by:
      • Facilitating full compliance with the relevant health and safety guidelines,
      • Monitoring access control to the property,
      • Implementing best practices for efficient daily operation of the building,
      • Ensuring cleanliness of the common areas,
      • Minimizing risks by promoting a proactive, safe, and conservative approach to solving issues.
    • Management of preventive maintenance services/agreements and best practices to ensure efficiency and longevity of mechanical components,
    • Inspection of all common areas, at least once a month with a full report on any deficiencies to the board,
    • Responding to residents’ concerns and building emergencies in a timely manner,
    • Maintaining the insurance coverage as required by the Condominium Act of Ontario, and conducting insurance appraisals as indicated in the Condominium Documents,
    •   Supervision and coordination of all on-site staff to maximize efficiency,
  4. Governance and Enforcement:
    • Organize and facilitate owners’ Annual General Meetings (AGM) in compliance with the Condominium Act of Ontario and its latest regulations (the legislation),
    • Organize and maintain records of the condominium corporation as required by the legislation,
    • Organize and facilitate monthly board meetings in compliance with the condominium corporation’s requirements,
    • Review and enforce condominium corporation’s Declaration, By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations. Propose necessary updates to the same as needed,


Babak Ardalan is the founder of “Papak Management Services Inc.”, a boutique property management team built on simple/basic principles such as trust, respect, and reality. After over 20 years of outstanding success in the industry, Babak has an efficient solution for avoiding failures and stress: “Principles before profits!

Originally from Persia, the land of “Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds”, Babak has lived and studied more than two thirds of his life in the USA, Italy, and Canada. He has an inclusive view of different values. His academic background in science enables him to approach every situation with great attention to detail, reliance on data and research, to provide the best solutions. Crisis Management and Leadership are two of the important skill sets that Babak brings to the table.

Babak is a Proud member of the “Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO)” and a Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) since 2004. His contribution to the association: Multiple speaking and writing engagements and serving on different committees for over 16 years. He is also a proud member of the Canadian Condominium Institute, (CCI) since 2010. His contribution to the Institute: Speaking engagements.

In 2003, Babak completed the Seneca College Certificate Program in Building Environmental Systems (BES) and Property Management, which gives him a more detailed understanding of the building’s multiple operating systems. In July of 1989, Babak graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza“, obtaining a degree in Medicine and Surgery.


  • All Condominium Managers employed by “Papak Management” are licensed by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) and fully insured.
  • Onsite managers have the highest level of professional designation in Ontario, (Registered Condominium Manager – RCM) or are in the process of obtaining it in less than 18 months.
  • The everchanging landscape of condominium management requires continuous training and education. The entire team is continuously encouraged and rewarded for their efforts to gain more knowledge, (seminars, publications, conferences, etc.) to maintain a competitive edge.

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