At “Papak Management Services Inc.” has adopted the values and standards established by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario – ACMO, which has been the leader in the industry for decades. The range of management services include:

  1. Financial Services:
    • Collection of monthly maintenance fees, (Common Element Assessment – CEA fees) and managing any arrears,
    • Invoices: Review, Confirm, Verify, process for Payment,
    • Preparing monthly un-audited financial statements,
    • Preparation of proposed annual budgets and forecasting,
    • Payroll process for condominium corporation’s employees,
    • Management of condominium corporation’s bank accounts,
  2. Legislative Compliance:
    • Ensure full compliance with the Condominium Act of Ontario and the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015,
    • Maintain records and submit the required reports to the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) in due time,
    • Ensure compliance with mandates and guidelines of the Fire Code, Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), Occupational Health and Safety, WSIB, and other relevant legislation.
  3. Building Management Services:
    • Ensuring residents’ health, safety, quality of life, and security by:
      • Facilitating full compliance with the relevant health and safety guidelines,
      • Monitoring access control to the property,
      • Implementing best practices for efficient daily operation of the building,
      • Ensuring cleanliness of the common areas,
      • Minimizing risks by promoting a proactive, safe, and conservative approach to solving issues.
    • Management of preventive maintenance services/agreements and best practices to ensure efficiency and longevity of mechanical components,
    • Inspection of all common areas, at least once a month with a full report on any deficiencies to the board,
    • Responding to residents’ concerns and building emergencies in a timely manner,
    • Maintaining the insurance coverage as required by the Condominium Act of Ontario, and conducting insurance appraisals as indicated in the Condominium Documents,
    •   Supervision and coordination of all on-site staff to maximize efficiency,
  4. Governance and Enforcement:
    • Organize and facilitate owners’ Annual General Meetings (AGM) in compliance with the Condominium Act of Ontario and its latest regulations (the legislation),
    • Organize and maintain records of the condominium corporation as required by the legislation,
    • Organize and facilitate monthly board meetings in compliance with the condominium corporation’s requirements,
    • Review and enforce condominium corporation’s Declaration, By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations. Propose necessary updates to the same as needed,